Best way to break-in a phono cable

Discussion in 'My breakin questions, experience or advice' started by Basil H, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. msp79

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    I thought I'd post this here since the topic is relevant to my question, even though the thread has been quiet for a few years. I just got my first pairs of Morrow cables in the mail - PH1 and MA1. I'm very excited! I went to the local Goodwill to get a used CD player so I could break in the PH1s as suggested here and in Mike's break-in notes. My question: does it matter that my preamp is strictly a phono preamp - a Bellari vp129? If I play the signal from the CD player -> Bellari -> power amp, the sound comes out of the speakers very distorted. Based on what I've read it seems that doesn't matter, so long as it's a signal with good dynamic range passing through the cables. I just wanted to double check with those of you more knowledgeable than I before I embark on the break-in process with this method. Thanks!
  2. Ernie Adams

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    IMHO, it does not matter. A signal is a signal. I did mine on a CD player set at random play, and left alone for over a week. Now, I just pay for the 10 day break in, or if I'm buying a good enough cable, ask for the 10 day break in as part of the deal. Really helps getting past the rough areas.

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