Break-in... hooey or for real? Well...

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  1. Kevin D

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    Mike, trust me, bear with this... o_O:)

    So, why the provocative title? Simple really; it's to grab attention to share something that surely supports "cable break-in is for real".

    By chance, I stumbled across a UK site selling mainly "brand" cables. What caught my eye was the offer of a FREE burn-in / break-in service on some (not all) of the cables. The point is not to annoy Mike by mentioning another seller, but to make the following observation: if break-in was NOT for real, why on earth would any business spend time, money and resources doing it for free? It's obvious: they wouldn't; there must be a tangible benefit to justify it. One that springs to mind is there might be fewer complaints about poor sound when cables are going through a "screech" period or when the bottom end mysteriously goes AWOL for a few hours.

    I didn't need convincing. Experiencing the break-in journey with MA1s, MA4s & MA2-PODs from zero hours was evidence enough to my own ears. But, I thought the above might be of interest to others who are sceptical of "break-in".

    Happy listening all.

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  2. Ernie Adams

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    When someone laughs about break in, just smile and walk away. Not worth the arguement.

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