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Discussion in 'My breakin questions, experience or advice' started by Steve Edwards, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Steve Edwards

    Steve Edwards Member

    I am happy to go on record concurring with the necessity of breaking in Morrow cables, as fully and articulately described in the contained literature. With the pair of MA4 Reference interconnects I recently purchased, the process unfolded EXACTLY as it is described. Without repeating all the details, they will sound better at the very beginning, there will be stages of decline in resolution, even some being "difficult to listen." I performed my break in with 48 and 72 hour periods of playing a cd, on repeat, with the volume very low. I even recorded each session on my calendar. You MUST give the cables 400 hours! You will be richly rewarded for your patience, literally - right at the 400 mark. Play on.
  2. Gary Giddings

    Gary Giddings New Member

    I too purchased the morrow audio ma4 interconnects and found the results exactly as you have explained.
    What I did to speed up the burn in process though was to purchase a white noise cd from eBay for one pound. Plays nothing but white noise for over an hour.
    I left this running constantly for two weeks, the amplifier does not need to be on. I still listened to music in the evenings just to compare how things were doing.
    Then, hey presto, fabulous music from my hi fi via my new leads in next to no time.
    So, here is a cheap and painless way of burning your new interconnect cables in.
    I am now amazed at the music I am hearing, things I've never heard before within the recording, imaging is the best I've ever had, and bass is so deep and clean. All in all I am very happy.
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  3. JRSBat

    JRSBat Active Member

    I normally request the break-in service when I purchase the cables. While the service gets you past the ugly part of the break-in the cables still take some time to sound their best. I just use them as I normally would and wait for the "event". I very much enjoy the listening session when the veil lifts - background detail pops out, everything is cleaner, highs are sweeter, and you flat out hear stuff you had not heard before.
  4. Steve Edwards

    Steve Edwards Member

    Ah good point! Akin to enjoying a nice bottle of wine; when it is first opened, its flavor components are veiled. Instead of leaving it to breath and open up, it's intriguing tasting the changes as you swirl and sip.
    I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of another MA4 interconnect to go between my DAC and preamp as well as a pair of bi-wired MA4s for my Vandersteens. Though I also ordered the 5 day break in service, I will heed Gary's advice above and try a white noise device. Mike Morrow suggests an FM tuner in-between stations. Play on.
  5. I have two sets of MAI's (in primary and secondary systems) and a set of SP4's in the main rig. Didn't get the burn-in service (I'm cheap), although I will cough up the extra few coins when I decide to upgrade. What a wild ride; great out of the gate, then crazy shifts in tone and pitch and sheer matter (weight, depth, both high and low response, etc.). It is true, however, that when they open up, these cables are amazing, worth much more than their cost. Simply terrific cables created by a great fellow (thanks, Mike). All I did to get through the rough patches was to merely listen to music at decently low volumes while cleaning the house, running errands, getting the kids ready for adulthood, distracting myself from the music until they burned in. The first weekend, however, I played Miles Davis through the first night and Morphine through the second, hoping to get at all tonal extremes (after Beethoven and Ravel during the days), causing my wife serious disgruntlement, tapping her usual patience for this hobby (don't have a dedicated room, and our bedroom is off of the livingroom), actually making me promise to get the burn-in service next time and, of course, never to do that again. While she didn't forget being subject to a soundtrack for her dreams, when the SP'4 settled and kicked in, her appreciation was a clear as my own, and, need I say it, as clear as these cables. She even enjoyed listening to the process, occasionally commenting on passages that revealed what the cables would be like once they set themselves, listening to the cables open and playing gin rummy. Like everything else in this sport, your patience will be rewarded. Don't see myself looking at another cable again...
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  6. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Guest

    It took me 3 houses to get my bonus room over the garage glad it didn't take me 3 wives. And enjoying ever minute.
  7. August9

    August9 New Member

    MA4......Heavenly or it what you will, break in, burn in , settlin in.... mine took every bit of the five, yes five, hun hours after they were half cooked in kentucky. was it worth the wait? YES. The emergence of fine subltle details in pieces i thought i knew well. Well defined instruments, absence of smearing and the --timing-- just seem to get better. I had 4's and 1.1's running out of shanling t100 cd. and after time and time again and more.....
    The 4's ran away from the 1.1's. i figured i had them homed in several times and then they would just get better again.
    My advice is get them cooked and then do some more. leave em running while you are out and about. be prepared for a couple sessions of run away, and they will be better next listen. the cat with no name knows when i get things right. She claims the end of ''the lazyboy" and is quite content, as am i, or as content as an audioholic gets. patiently awaiting for the 4's with eichs silver bullets. (small hint to whoever may be interested). Also....having used contact enhancers for close to 30 years....just do it.
  8. Lewis--Glad it didn't take three wives, but you still got yer space. How is the room? Another thread, perhaps? Treatments, that sort of thing...Not on the the third wife yet, but its just me and the cats now, warming ourselves before all this gear. 2nd system and assorted electronics in storage, as this is a very small house, with an odd floor plan. (In Montana, we have little houses tucked behind big houses, addressed to the alley. Not uncommon in these here parts. Good for privacy, listening, and keeping from High School Hollywood Hondas and their notorious Bad Bass Boxes.) Maybe I'll post my room reflection troubles in a few days. As for the cats, usually jazz and classical listeners, they were parked in front of the speaks the other night, one for each Arro, letting the Ramones, the MC5, and Iggy wash over them like love lava. They must like the new space, and possibly where I had positioned the speakers before. Dunno. I don't think I can trust them for critical listening, however...
    August--Will look into the Eichmann's. Just got a set of AudioQuest Silver Bullets for DIY (or having Mike put these on my SP4's), wondering what you thought of 'em. And what kind of contact enhancers (Mapleshade, etc?), and how did you apply, wiping down fully or leaving a skim? Also, I've heard some denigrating things about the Shanling; I would appreciate your views on this piece. (My own CDP is a Jolida 100a with upgraded tubes, NOS EI's, and minor specific damping, jacked into a PrimaLuna Prologue II integrated.) Wondering about a decent, budget, CDP for my recent ex, as she hates the look of the original PS1--supported by the original MiniWatt I gave her for her birthday--even if she loves the sound...
    And as for the Ex. Still great friends, just can't live together (although a more-than-reasonable audiophile's wife). In fact, I left her the modded Heresy II's. I know--shame on me. No matter: I'm figuring on how to get a pair of modded III's that I saw in the 'paper into the bedroom. This silly sport...
  9. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Guest

    Yes I do love my room it is set up just for music. No Clock No TV ! Just me and my music. The Yaqin amp has impressed me so far and the Zu Omen's are a must have. I just got my SP1's from Mike and also impressed with morrow cables. I have always loved this hobby but just now getting back into it with all the kids gone now maybe I can enjoy the music again. As far as the cables go I am looking forward to some upgrading from audioquest connects to morrow cables. Happy Listening!!!
  10. August9

    August9 New Member

    Eichmanns silvers i am going with based on recommend from MR/MM, several reviews and a few people i know who have used eichmanns. i had a chance to audition decware silver reference interconnects with xhadow silver rca's. very very similar sound character to ma4 std rca's, so i am figuring ma4's with silver bullets will be better yet. i like the minimal mass concept. i also have had the chance to audition a couple other well known and more expensive interconnects, the ma4's were as good as or better. cant try em all.

    Shanling t100, apart from its stunning look, sounds good too. i have a harmonic tech power cord running to it with all copper terminations, oyaides. i prefer the tube out over the direct outputs. changed tubes from GE to WE 396a, a well worthwhile improvement.

    Cleaned with G5 and then used Stabilant 22a on all the pins and sockets, bit of a pain. Pretty well everyone who has used stabilant is a customer forever, it is not a de-ox! if it is good enough for nato at cold lake alberta in kazillion dollar jet electronics , should be good enough for my needs. their site has some great interesting info. my chemical engineer genius friend explained it to me and yes it is as close to magic as a great recording on a quiet late night.

    My subjective opinion is G5 for cleaning/de-ox, Stabilant 22a, sparingly after, (easy to blow thru a 40$ bottle). Titan Audio Oil is on my list too, i took apart a diy power cord i put together a dozen years ago, zero discoloration or oxidation in the IEC connector. I treat every contact surface i can get to starting at the breaker panel. I know there are others, some quite pricey, but stabilant seems to be the must have in the tool box for many. As for applications, brushes, pipe cleaners, q-tips, hardwood toothpicks for pin sockets. and patience.
  11. Tenacity

    Tenacity Member

    Well after reading so far I must leave the latest MA4's to burn in for a lot longer!
  12. Blank Slate

    Blank Slate New Member

    I recently purchased the MA1 interconnect to run from my phono pre to my amp. I did purchase the 2 day burnin. Is there any way to complete the burnin process without actually playing a record over and over? Thank you.
  13. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    If you have a CD player, put the cables in the cd player to your preamp or amp. You don't have to turn on the amp, just the cd player. Put the cd player on repeat and let it go. If you want, change the cd once a day to get a good mix of sounds. Has worked great for me.
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  14. Blank Slate

    Blank Slate New Member

    Thanks Ernie.
  15. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    Your welcome. I have done this recently and it really worked very nicely.
  16. IkoX2

    IkoX2 New Member

    Just ordered my first set--pair of MA-3 interconnects. Anyone have any experience using a white noise burn-in disc? Is it better to run a variety of disc with various material? It looks like patience is definitely a virtue with this process. I'm excited to start the journey.
  17. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    Never done the white noise thing. Only a CD player on repeat, with power amp off, and changing CD's from time to time. Or course you can turn the amp on whenever you want to listen during the burn in period.
  18. Bonz

    Bonz Well-Known Member

    The only cable I burned in was my PH2 phono cables. I used a portable cd player on repeat for about 200 hours. I felt that with that low of a phono signal it would have taken a lot longer just playing lps for them to burn in. I actually wanted to hear my other cables break in. There were many nights that I could not listen because of the greating sound. But as all have testified to they do eventually come into their own.
  19. Been interested in the Zu products myself, Lewis, especially their speaks. Maybe I'll be able to get a set when I can afford serious upgraditis (money money money...). You've got a nice outfit in a nice place. Nice to hear that you're seriously back in the fold...

    Thanks for the recommendations, August. Will track down some G5 and Stabilant (and also give the ex the heads-up on the Shanling. Though she appreciates the sound of the old PlayStationOne [1001]--the only upgrade was a PowerPunch cord, a serious improvement--she despises its look, as previously mentioned, and refuses to readjust her position. The Shanling is right up her alley--sound and looks. I guess I'll use the PS1 for a vintage bedroom system, when I find the room.). I know that the usual products mentioned for these applications in audiophile forums are DeOxit and Silclear, but these have also seemed, to me, almost popular by default. I appreciate the suggestions...Also wondering, as well, about a tube socket issue, since you obviously have experience in this regard. To wit: Got a duo of IEC Mullard KT88's for a song not too long ago--happy accident--and cleaned the pins with isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips (a stop-gap until I stock up on supplies) before plugging them into the PrimaLuna. Got some occasional hot popping through both channels after a few listening sessions, though not at first, then pulled the valves and saw fragmentation on the pins, a few scattered flakes of metal that I took to be from age or the result of living in a rusty amp and put directly in its old box. I sanded and cleaned the pins, cleaned the sockets as best I could, re-installed the Mullards, and everything has played fine since then. Great, in fact. However, I worry. In case stray flecks of metal have sunk down into the sockets, could I use a micro-vacuum or even a magnet to pull up any detritus, or will this--especially the magnet--cause more trouble? Would I have to take the amp apart to do the job properly--trying to avoid this, as I may be going outside my pervue? Or, since having not heard anything unusual since I processed the pins, should I stow my worry for now? Curious...

    Anyone else can chime in, as well. I am considering myself a dunderheaded bumpkin on this matter. Thanks in advance...
  20. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    My guess, base on how careful you are, is you are ok. If the sound is now good and things are behaving correctly, most likely you are good.

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