Breaking in Morrow Cables Again.

Discussion in 'Breakin theory discussions (no flames allowed)' started by Lewis Smith, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Guest

    After a few months of not turning my system on in my room because of working in the shop and things around the house, Today I decided to come up to my room and turn my system on and listen and I feel like I'm breaking in Cables again so my question is when you let a system sit and not be used do you have to start all over and the Acme outlet also has not been used in a few months so I guess I just need to get the flow going again in the system and the cables. After all the Yaqin has not even been used but a few minutes in the last 3 months. Maybe I just need to run the cables a few days and see.. And I guess the tubes need to get back to being used everyday.. Hell I need a reason to listen to more Music.
  2. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Guest

    Now that's it the sound that I like and it only took a few day's to get warmed up.. Thank You Mike!!
  3. bobdg2000

    bobdg2000 New Member

    Hey everyone. I know this is an old thread, but I was having the exact same thoughts as Lewis. I figured I'd comb through the forums and see if anyone had asked anything like this before. Well, Lewis did, but there wasn't much response - just him! Lol!

    I've been lurking around these forums for a few months, but this is my 1st post. (Can't seem to get the avatar to work). Anyway, I've got pretty much the same story as everyone else. I took the plunge right off the bat with SP-4's, then gradually upgraded my IC's to MA-4's as well.

    I travel out of town for work, sometimes for weeks. If my system isn't powered on for a month, or if I tried a different set of cables for a few months and let the Morrows sit for a while (heaven forbid!), would the full break-in process be required to get back to where they were? Or is the break-in a one time shot - once it's done, it's done? I don't think it's the latter because break-in service is also an option on used cables.

    I'd hate to think another 200-500 hour procedure would be needed!

    After listening through the break-in process a couple of times I eventually went down to Goodwill and purchased a 5-disc DVD player for $6. (Did people really used to sit down and watch 5 movies?!?). I connect my new cables to the DVD which is connected to an old pre, and let that sucker run for a couple of weeks and I'm done!

    Just curious on anyone else's thoughts, thanks,

  4. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Guest

    Bob let me say Welcome to the Morrow Forum, And after spending a few months in the shop and not using my main system. I spent the day just to rip all my CD's and what I noticed was my Morrow cables and equipment took some time to warm up . Not like the break in from new cables , so hope this helps .
  5. Weber

    Weber Active Member

    What helps keep my system fresh and ready is that I never turn the power off. At least twice a week I play one cd.

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