Can Push-Pull be as good as SET?

Discussion in 'Preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers' started by Francis, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Ed Morris

    Ed Morris Member

    I really want to hear the Tektons. Super efficient, inexpensive ( by today's standards).

    Can you give us a review?
  2. hawkeyedwizard

    hawkeyedwizard Active Member

    Inexpensive, yes. Efficient, definitely. The parts list for stock crossover components, not so great, simple zobel design, I upgraded to the clarity caps for my set. Though the other components in the network are relatively inexpensive pieces.
    Apparently as of this year the design for the crossover has received some attention, and been improved upon, so says Jason's site.
    I've actually just recently requested schematics or an option to purchase the boards, no reply yet.
    Details are very good with the gold audax tweeter, and the emenance cone woofer does a decent job of digging deep, though internal bracing and crossover mounting do lead me to some concerns /improvements.
    Also the network design as well as internal cabling was pretty diy with hot glue and mdf as breadboard.
    I think with a bit of tinkering these can sound great. They are a decent starting point. For all the parts, materials and packaging for shipping it's a pretty great deal.
    Construction of cabinets was smooth and uniform, but obviously pretty underwhelming with a typical coffin box design.
    I'm still working now to make them sing.
    Nice bang for the buck though.
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  3. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    One of their speakers was supposed to have made it into the Stereophile Class A listings. Can't remember the model.
  4. Ed Morris

    Ed Morris Member

    I'm not a gear head and don't care about the components of a speaker. The design I do have interest but mostly; how does it sound? Fortified cabinets are not always the best. Ever hear the Audionote E? Those are coffins. Design is where it's at. Do you need a KT88 size amp? Do they work with 300b amps?
    Oh yea: how do they sound?

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