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Discussion in 'CD players, transports and DAC's' started by hawkeyedwizard, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. hawkeyedwizard

    hawkeyedwizard Active Member

    Curious if any of you aficionados have any experience with a reclocker between a digital source and a dac? Been eyeballing this,

    Would like to think this squeezebox could be improved upon.. Beyond a linear power supply..

  2. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    You are doing things that I have no idea about. I still haven't figured out a DAC yet. I guess I'm just a simple old 2 channel analogue guy.:D
  3. hawkeyedwizard

    hawkeyedwizard Active Member

    Ernie I have faith in your intelligence.. 30 minutes of reading and it would be clear to you. Systems are systems.. I know right? Digital is binary... All the audio information is in A series of 1's and 0's.. The dac essentially makes human audible sense of the data by converting it to a analog stereo output.. The audio information... (1's and 0's), like any other audio signal needs to be as accurate and pure as possibl. flac, wav, ape are all audio files for computers, like an mp3 but uncompressed, or lossless.. A full spectrum audio transfer..To ensure the information is unhindered and maintains accurate timing of the data transfer, this proposed device would assure the data is being passed cleaner and more accurately..
    I think.
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  4. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    I get that part of it, but since I don't stream or download any music, it doesn't seem like something I need just yet. As I have said before..........I like to hold it, touch it, and be able to load it all with my two grubby little hands.:D:D:D:D. Maybe one day, but I'm not there yet. Something about watching that turntable turn or even seeing the timer on the CD player count the tracks.
  5. hawkeyedwizard

    hawkeyedwizard Active Member

    Ernie... Most cd transports could benefit from such a device.. Save the big budget bad boys. Yes cds are plug and play... You're essentially doing the same thing with streaming though .. All 1's and 0's.

    Though your using the onboard dac in your cd player I'm sure.. Yes this investment for you may be moot.
  6. hawkeyedwizard

    hawkeyedwizard Active Member

    Unless you've also purchased an external dac for your cd player then it would not only work, but surely offer a different experience than you currently have.
  7. A. Smith

    A. Smith Well-Known Member

    Is this basically an anti-jitter device? They've been out for some time but I thought most of the newer DACs have solved most of the older jitter problems.
  8. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    I have the Emotiva ERC3 player. The internal DAC in it is supposed to be extremely nice. All I know is it is the best CD player I have ever owned. Hook the left and right side RCA's up and it's good to go.;)
  9. hawkeyedwizard

    hawkeyedwizard Active Member

    Before/after wyred 4 sound's remedy..numbers dont much is audible is the question. ..with a high resolution system i feel the 400 may be a noticeable investment with much return across the board. Tempting.... remedy-measurements.gif Screenshot_2015-08-05-07-59-41.png
  10. Ed Morris

    Ed Morris Member

    I have used a Audio Alchemy jitter box and heard immediate improvement.
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  11. Weber

    Weber Active Member

    I have a Marantz cd600 cdp and a Emotiva dc -1 dac. I have a 280 glass strand toslink cable hooking it up. His is the best quality hook up I have had for cd play back. The glass cable so far is better than any wire cable in this application.
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