Dolby Atmos / too much for most?

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    I know this thread is been open for while and technology is moving and price is going down.
    I had to replace my 5.1 HT system which served me well for the past 7 years. Then I end up with the DENON Atmos enable reveiver (AVR-X2200W ) .
    I had the setup as 5.1.2 where the '2' stands for ceiling speaker. Since installing a ceiling speaker is not an option for me, so i opt for a pair of Atmos enabled reflection speaker (by Onkyo).
    What that does is to fire the sound up the ceiling and reflect the sound back to the listener to simulate the top speaker sound.

    And I decided to hooked up all the speakers with MA SP cables. The front (L/R) and Center with SP3, the surround (L/R)-9 meters Sp1 and the top (L/R) with SP2, and of cause SUB2 for the subwoofer. (yes, a total of 8 MA cables).

    Tell you the the ATMOS configuration gave me a whole new embedding experience, rainfalls from the ceiling, chopper flying on top of you and across. The new object-based (compare to traditional channel-base) sounding are stunning.
    The sound creator is able to create sound base on the objects of the movie rather than figuring out which channel should the sound be come out from. Results are more realistic.

    At certain scenes, my wife always hear sirens out from my window, which is actually coming from a the movie that is from far end of the scene.
    Check that out if it's time for your HT replacement as most new AVR model are equipped with ATMOS.

    BTW, the MA's HDMI cable is nice as well. Better pictures.
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    Yes, but that chopper sound coming above you makes no sense unless you can view it above you too..............OK, just call me a 2 channel snob
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    I don't have the the thx system anymore. But the 2 chanel has a lot of the same tv and movie effects. I do know what you are experiencing. Great fun to be able to here movie sound in your home.
  4. It probably depends on room and audience size. Our small three-seater theater space is barely large enough to accommodate five Goldenear Tech. on-wall speakers and a corner SVS sub, but I admit it would be fun to experience ATMOS or DTS:X as it was intended to be heard. That said, I think I only own three or four movies with ATMOS encoded audio. ;-)

    I agree with @Ernie Adams that a properly setup 2-channel system can absolutely render a completely immersive soundstage (including height information) that makes more than two loudspeakers redundant--assuming the right source material. However, in my experience, this really only holds true for the sweet spot. Solidity of the soundstage, especially phantom center, is compromised to varying degrees at other seating positions. It's this problem that additional home theater speakers and audio channels exist to solve--creating an enveloping soundstage with a precisely located central image for dialog at all seating positions.

    A larger room with more seating positions will show off the benefits of a full 9.1.2 or 7.1.4 system better, I imagine than a small room with only two or three seats. Perhaps someday...but congrats to the folks here with the space to accommodate a complete system!

    So-called surround-sound for movies is one thing while 5.1 mixes of music (eg., multi-channel SACD and blu-ray audio) are quite another. The latter should ideally be played using five identical loudspeakers. Imagine sitting in a solitary listening chair that is surrounded by five Dunlavy SC-VI towers. That would an immersive (if no terrifying) listening experience!
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