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Discussion in 'Jazz' started by hawkeyedwizard, Mar 26, 2014.

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    Wonder if folks enjoy any new production jazz, something by the likes of Tied & Tickled Trio. . If your not familiar, it's on the Internet. Really enjoy the progressive groove to it.. Observing systems is particularly dynamic, being full and progressive, yet almost narcotic in its layers and dimensionality.
    I'm looking for more of something like that. ... Organic, emotional, dynamic, progressive artistry. . Not even just jazz. .. .spread the wonder.

    I know this isn't a strictly jazz forum for new age neo jazz heads... But, instead a well respected group of music enthusiasts with a veritable cornucopia of influences, tastes and experience.
    I've loved all that I've discovered so far via Morrow forums.
    Thanks for the suggestions.
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    I am hooked on Praful Radio and Amy Janelle on Pandora and I like it.
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    Funny Thing my son was listening to Electronic jazz in his 20's and I was in a Rock and Roll and Country thing back then and Now I like it! He is now 30 and we both like it so go figure LOL!

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