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    Morrow Fans,

    I thought I'd share my recent experience with cable elevators. Here's a subject that is, in many people's minds, pure voodoo. I have discovered otherwise.

    About a year ago I upgraded my speaker cables from 2 meter SP7s to Morrow Elites. Mike had recommended using cable elevators to get the cables up 5 inches or so (as I remember) off the floor. At that time, my floor was carpeted with Dupont Stainmaster (nylon, I think) laid over about a half inch of chopped foam underlayment, all on top of strainboard subfloor.

    I don't mind spending a few thousand bucks on good cables, but I really hated the idea of spending a few hundred on fancy cable elevators that didn't lift 5 inches anyway, and which might not do anything. What I needed was a quick and dirty experiment to see if elevators worked. So I looked around and found some 16 oz hot drink paper cups on Amazon. By a strange coincidence, they were about 5 inches tall. I put about 5 or 6 upside down cups on each cable run (Elites have separate positive and negative runs to each speaker). So about 20 cups or so. The white cups looked really stupid, but I figured I'd worry about being pretty later. Besides, I had no Wife Acceptance Factor to deal with.

    Over the next few months I experimented with the cables elevated and with the cables lying on the carpet. Each time I changed them, I gave the cables a few days to re-adjust to the new positions. Sometimes I thought I heard a small difference, sometimes I didn't. It was so hard to tell the difference that I ended up leaving the cables directly on the carpet. Ugliness gone.

    Then, recently, I redid the flooring in my house. I ripped out the carpet in my listening room and installed vinyl plank flooring (laminate). (Area rugs and plush furniture help control the reverberation time of the room.) The flooring was Mannington Adura Max, which has a urethane/aluminum oxide wear coating with vinyl and who knows what else underneath. The flooring is floating on the subfloor. After installation, I put my speakers back, laid the cables on the floor, and waited a few days for the cables to re-break in after having been coiled up and moved many times during the flooring project.

    After a week or so, I realized that my system sounded kind of muddy in the upper midrange, and the imaging was more diffuse than I remember. Maybe it was my imagination? After another week, I realized that the system seemed to sound worse, and finally it was getting so muddy as to be annoying.

    So, I thought I should try elevating the cables again, thinking it wouldn't matter. I got out the paper cups and elevated the cables as before. The difference was immediate and night and day! The midrange muddiness was gone, the imaging snapped into laser focus, and I once again heard ultra fine details of acoustic reflections in the performance hall. Listening was real pleasure again. Over the next week, the impression stayed the same: ultra precise imaging with clearly defined mids and highs. What a difference!

    But why? I think part of the reason might be that the carpet and chopped foam underlayment were relatively low density and had a lot of air, so the cables were effectively elevated somewhat off the subfloor. Lying on the new flooring, the cables were in intimate contact with the flooring surface for the entire run from amp to speaker. It may also be something about the materials in the two kinds of flooring. Aluminum oxide is supposed to be an insulator, but I don't know about all the other materials in there.

    What to do about the ugly cups? I still don't like paying for a bunch of fancy stuff, so I spray painted the cups with a dark brown that approximately matches the color of my flooring. Now they almost disappear. Good enough, I say.

    The bottom line for me in all this is that elevators can make an improvement in the sound, but the amount of improvement depends on the kind of flooring. If you have laminate flooring, you should consider doing this experiment and see for yourself. The paper cups are cheap.

    Charlie Hatch

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  2. Lewis Smith

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    Welcome to the forum. I use the old power insulators you can find them cheap and they look good to me. As for as sound improvement with my sp5's I can't tell. But I do like the look. But I have carpet in my listening room.
  3. Charlie Hatch

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    Lewis, thanks for the response. How high do those insulators get the cable off the carpet?
  4. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Well-Known Member

    Music Direct has cable elvators at $20 each but you can find them at flea markets cheap. I can't post pictures for some reason. I will try to post for you soon.
  5. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Well-Known Member

    Tried several times to post a picture even changed my settings and still can't post pictures.
  6. Charlie Hatch

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    Looks like they are only a few inches high, but that may not be a problem. I've been having trouble with the forum too; I can't get email notifications of this thread, which is why I'm late responding.

  7. Francis

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    I was thinking using the fish line drop from a pole (or some horizontal support) and have the cable tied to the fish line which you can control how high you want the cable to be off the ground. This will virtually let the cable "flow".
  8. A. Smith

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    I've wanted to go to my brother's place and use some of the power tools there to make cable lifts out of standard pine 2"x4"s, 4"x4"s, or 2"x6"s, similar to the Cardas Multi Blocks. I think about halfway through, someone would come into the garage and ask "what are those for?" I'd say, "To raise my speaker cables off the floor because of the dielectric effect."


    Then they'd say I've finally flipped my lid. o_O

    I might give it a try though just to see what happens...with the fam and with the sound. :D
  9. Charlie Hatch

    Charlie Hatch New Member

    At the very least, you can have fun with the comments!
  10. A. Smith

    A. Smith Well-Known Member

    Yeah I thought it might be fun!

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