Good tracks/sources for burn-in/break -in

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  1. Socal77

    Socal77 New Member

    What are you using when breaking in a cable or component? Among others, I recommend XLO/Reference Recording "Test & Burn-In CD" (RX1000). In addition to a 15 minute System Burn-In track, there are demagnetizing tracks and several excellent Reference Recording music tracks. I think I have bought four RR CDs specifically because of these samples.

    Of course, you would not want to listen to the burn-in track. It is obnoxious. Could be used, however to tick off the neighbors when you are out of town. Do this at your own risk.
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  2. john batten

    john batten New Member

    i have been using the burn-in disc sold by Cardas/Ayre. it is also handy to recondition the audio system periodically. amazing before/after differences and sold with a money back guarantee.
  3. jedinite24

    jedinite24 Member

    Hi everyone

    I thought I'd share this: Jim Hagerman has generously made the burn-in signal of his Frybaby cable conditioner available for free download.

    For those with a PC transport, you can use it directly, otherwise burn the file to a CD and use it in your regular transport.

    This was one of the main tracks I used to break-in my Morrow ICs and SCs.
  4. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    I have always just put my CD player on repeat with the power amp turned off. I just make sure I have a cd that has a wide dynamic range with lots of different sounds. Seems to have worked so far.


    That's exactly what I do and have been pleased with the results. Can't see me paying for a break in disc .
  6. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    A CD that I really like for burn in is Fore Play's BEST OF CD. Lots of dynamic range and a quality recording to boot.
  7. laszlo

    laszlo New Member

    I have made a setup consisting an analogue tuner and an unused power amp and a set of 8 ohm power resistors for dummy load. Tuned the tuner beside a station for white noise and cranked the amp for about 15 watts output power. After letting the jig run for about a week (in the basement) while periodically checking if the resistors are still lukewarm, I have installed the cables in to the audio system. Previous test with a friend (who introduced me the Morrow cables) demonstrated that the physical impacts on the cables like: recoiling, bending etc. are affecting the sound so after burn-in, the cables are best to be left alone.
  8. kad56

    kad56 New Member

    I have a question concerning burn-in utilizing the above mentioned methods. Will the preamp still provide an open circuit to allow current to flow from the source when it's turned off? What about when the amp is turned off? Just curious as I surely don't want to spend hours burning in a cable with nothing flowing through it.

    I assume that the small amount of current flowing from the source will be dissipated even if the amp is turned off and the preamp is on, just not sure.
  9. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    Leave your source on (cd player, etc), and your preamp on. No need to have power amp on unless you are doing speaker wires.
  10. laszlo

    laszlo New Member

    Assuming you are burning in an interconnect, the load shall be present at the receiving end. This is if you have a selector switch on your pre-amp it should be set to the input to which you have connected the cable. This way the cable may see the input impedance - although some pre-amp designs may have a different input type. In theory you could put a dummy RCA socket with a resistor to the cable output end sized/mimicking the amp's input but I have not tried this so I cannot recommend. Some amps have split pre-power section with a jumper connecting. This spot is also excellent for interconnect burn-in.
    If you can live without your favourite tunes for a week, simply run the FM tuner with the amp on but without the speakers connected or the volume turned down. If you are not setting up some kind of an AB test - you can just live with your background music not sounding at its best for a couple of weeks... cheers Laszlo
  11. laszlo

    laszlo New Member

    Just saw Ernie's comment .... he is right, follow his advise. I did not notice that you don't use integrated.
  12. Go XLO or CDP on repeat...
  13. Ken March

    Ken March New Member

    If memory serves me correctly, Mike Morrow told me that the cd player is the only thing you need to have on if those are the only cables your trying to burn in. Is that correct?
  14. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    Yes, that will work if just burning in those cables.
  15. Superman

    Superman New Member

    Is it OK to "burn-in" via integrated amplifier by "zero" volume and just the CDP in repeat mode?
  16. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Guest

    On Speaker cables I leave amp on at low volumes and on IC's i just use the CDP on repeat and change the music out often!! but others might do it Different !!!!
  17. jedinite24

    jedinite24 Member

    It depends on which section of the integrated amplifier you are trying to burn in. If you are burning in the amplifier section here is what I did.

    I connected my Accuphase E202 integrated amp that was in storage for some time to a subwoofer that had speaker terminal inputs but never powered the sub on. This way my E202 always saw a load/resistance. I then set the volume to around mid way point. Other days I turned the dial close to all the way other days barely at the 9am point on the dial. My source was a Sony 5 disc cd player that had 5 different CDs in them. I put the CD player on repeat for about 2 to 3 weeks so I would get over 250 hours.

    For the preamp section I did what was mentioned above. I took the same CDP, set it on repeat, and had the volume at 0. some kind of signal was passing through it.

    Some say you should power off your equipment every so often during this process which I did. Others say just leave it on. My tech laughed at me when I told him my process. He just said listen to the damn thing and play some music. It will get better over time be it speakers, new wires etc.
  18. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    Lewis is right on both accounts. I did my interconnects with my CD player on repeat. Didn't even keep the amp on, just the CD player. Worked just fine for me.

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