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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself.' started by Sam, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Sam

    Sam New Member

    This is my first message and so happy to be part of all of you.

    Speakers : Mirage m 3 si
    Mirage om 5
    Mirage OMD 28
    Mirage m 7 si

    Amp : Mcintosh MC 452
    Preamp : Mcintosh ma 6900 ( will be replaced by Mcintosh C2500)

    CD player : Cambridge 840 c
    Blu-ray DVD: PANASONIC
    Media stream : western digital
    Subwoofer: Axiom 500
    Speakers cables : JPS lab superconductors 3
    Outlet : 20 amp Furutech-GTX-D
    Vibrapod isolated

    Future projects : speakers cable and interconnect Morrow Audio but still can not where to start.
    New stream media player cocktail audio x40.
    New Preamp Mcintosh c25 00

    I will post a pictures soon.

    Thank you.
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  2. Bonz

    Bonz Well-Known Member

    Glad to have you aboard Sam. Looking forward to seeing some pics of that Mac gear:)
  3. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Thank you very much. Will do for sure.
  4. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard. Lots of good info. Where to start? Mike has some suggestions, but I did the MA1 special first. Was so impressed I bought speaker wires and started moving up the line. You can see from my information I am now a the 7's level on most things. It's called the MORROW VORTEX. Watch out for it, it will get you.
  5. Sam

    Sam New Member

  6. Warner

    Warner Guest

    Hello, Sam! Welcome to the Morrow Audio Forum...make yourself at home. You will see some exciting changes coming here soon! Let us know if you have any questions! Cheers...
  7. Sam

    Sam New Member

    I prefer to go right away with the MA 5 and for the speakers cable the 7 level. Thank you for your hospitality.
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  8. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    Get the break in done on them and be prepared to be amazed.
  9. Warner

    Warner Guest

    Sam...call me directly...ask for Warner at 859.356.6994. I will take care of you and get you a really sweet deal. also, Ernie is correct...you will want to do the break-in service with us. Call me and either myself or Mike Morrow will walk you through the process. And, welcome to the Morrow Vortex!

    - W
  10. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Thank you I will be happy to call you as soon as the Canadian dollars go up versus the us dollar. Imagine now it is so terrible the exchange rate that each us dollar will cost me almost 1.5 !!!
  11. Francis

    Francis Active Member

    Agree. The strong USD is holding me back for my Elite upgrade. :(
  12. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Absolutely, it is insane.
    My plan initially was to go directly to the Elite because I don't want to spend my time upgrading but it is much better to wait!!
    What the cables level you have ?
  13. Francis

    Francis Active Member

    6s now. Starting from 1s.
    Been regret how much music I missed from my collection which I've been listening to in decades.

    In a recent occasion to show off my system to one of my friend. That was the first time he can hear the background vocal of The Phantom of the opera.
    His 14 yo son describe his experience as being in a concert while playing all the regular tracks from different sources.
    All the details, sound stage, 3D effects, airy among vocal and instruments, being natural, whatever you can think of, won't be possible without MA cables.
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  14. Warner

    Warner Guest

    Francis & Sam: Call/email us at morrrowaudio.com to discuss as we don't want to discuss sales/business on the forum. I spoke with Mike Morrow and we believe we have a solution for your needs that can attenuate the exchange rate.

  15. Francis

    Francis Active Member

    Sure. Will do when I'm ready
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  16. Sam

    Sam New Member

    I did send you an email but I haven't receive any reply yet.
  17. Warner

    Warner Guest

  18. Braincooler

    Braincooler New Member

    Hello Sam,
    Seems like a long time since you were active here.
    I just have one but very important question, wich you should be able to answer,
    You re in the unique position to have Mirage m3 , OM-5 and OMD-28.

    I want to have the best one of them, could you just tell me the differences between them?
    I have OM-5 since 10 years and i am happy witht them.
    But i have always wondered if the M1, M3 or the newer OMD-28 is even better?

    I am very thankfull for your reply

    Best regards
  19. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Hi Bjorn,

    I am sorry to be late and as you said yes it's been longtime I didn't show up here

    Your question can be divided in 3 others questions but let's go step by step : I will cover 4 wonderful speakers sensitivity because this is the most important
    parameter you should know about before you make a final choice:

    M-1si or M1 : 82 db - Impedance : 6 ohms/4 ohmsminimum
    M-3si or M3 : 83 db - Impedance : 6 ohms/4 ohms minimum
    OMD 28 : 87 db (But i don't beleive the official data as for me it is near 85 db) Impedance : 6 Ohms Nominal / 3.5 ohms minimum
    OM 5 : 90 db - Impedance : 6 ohms/4 ohms minimum

    what that all mean ? That mean that the most difficult speakers to drive is the OMD 28, so you need a very good amp to drive them as they will dip down to 3.5 ohms at
    certain frequencies so if you don't have an amp that can get down to 3.5 ohms without clipping i recommand to you not to buy them.

    When i bought the OMD 28 i thought with my Mcintosh MA6900/200 watt per channel is enough to drive them well without clipping and i was very wrong. It was so frustrated
    to me to have this wonderful speakers without being able to get the maximum of musicality from them, so that is why i bought the Mcintosh MC 450 with 450 watt per channel and then
    when i plug it them on oh boy, that was a releif as i was on the point to sell them. So please if your amp can not handle them the sound you will have is nothing but an ordinary ugly sound
    and soon you decide to increase the volume your amp will clip and you may blow up your tweeters very fast, so make sure that your amp can get down to 3.5 ohms without clipping.

    So the OMD 28 need a lot of power to show there beautiful large soudstage and if not all what you will get is distortion.

    The Mirage M-1 si also need a strong amp to be able to drive them but still not as difficult as the OMD 28, and the sound is Fantastic, large and deep soundstage.
    The only thing that you should consider that they need a lot of space all around them as they should be at least 3 feets from the front wall and around 1.5 to 2 feets from the side walls.

    The M-3 si : They are wonderful as they never failed to satisfy me with their musicality and ease of listining, these are wonderful loudspeakers, when i play a music which demands to
    be played loud, i never got the sens of speakers were even close to meltdown and the sound never lost any of their musicality and details, yes the details is there and never collapse at any
    sound level. They are not too difficult to drive but still they need a good amp.

    I don't need to talk about the OM 5 as you have them since 10 years and you know already how much they are easy to drive.

    Now for the homethater the best speaker in my opinion is the OMD 28, the soundstage is as large as the M-1 si and it make you appreciate them even more.
    It is so difficult for me to answer wish one of them is the best, as that each one of them have their caracteristic but i will do it anyway :
    For Music : For Home theater :
    1- Mirage m-1 si 1- Mirage OMD 28
    2- Mirage m-3 si 2- Mirage OM 5
    3- Mirage OM 5 3- Mirage M-3 si
    4- Mirage OMD 28 4- Mirage M-1 si

    But beleive me i love them all and what ever you will choose you will be happy if you have the right amp to play them to show their musicality so wonderful.

    I hope i answered all your questions and if you need more informations please let me know.

    Best Regards
  20. April

    April Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Sam!! Welcome back!! If you have any questions or would just like to have a conversation one audiophile to another please message me! We have a lot of exciting things happening here at Morrow Audio, would love to fill you in.
    Sincerely, April

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