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  1. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Hi Bjorn,

    take a look on this site : they have many base drivers for your mirage OM 5.


    don't wait too much as they may disappear.

    will get back to you later.
  2. Sam

    Sam New Member

    oh sorry Bjorn, ... they are sold out !!

    I will continue searching.
  3. Braincooler

    Braincooler New Member

    Hi Sam,
    Thanks and yes, i saw that site also - it will be good to check it frequently, as it seems they come and go quickly there.
    Ok, so its the same for you, you dont know why OM-5 woofers has got 3 connectors?
  4. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Hi Bjorn,

    I really dont know why the base drivers have 3 connectors. I didn't even knew about it. you pick my curiosity as I would love to know why !

    I will make my own investigation maybe I will have some explanation.

    Keep me update and if i find something for will let you know.

    Talk to you soon

  5. Braincooler

    Braincooler New Member

    Hello Sam,
    After a lot of research i have ordered 4 woofer drivers from Dayton Audio: http://www.daytonaudio.com/index.php/dcs205-4-8-classic-subwoofer-4-ohm.html
    All important Thiele parameters and values are in the accepted tolerances and also the dimensions are identical. After a huge research between 50-60 different 8 inch driver woofers, this are the only ones that has 100% same OD and CD (overall diameter and cutting diameter) Its almost as if they also made Mirages original drivers on OEM.

    Only thing is just that i have to connect them in serial since they are at 4 Ohms. The original ones are connected parallell, because they are at 16 Ohms impedance each and thats not very common.
    These drivers will probably not only deliver the same quality, but will even be better. They can handle more power, they are more modern as far as material and tech is concerned.
    They also have approx 4 hz deeper bass..

    I will receive them in the middle of next week and cant wait to mount them :)
    Will report back to you about the result.
  6. Braincooler

    Braincooler New Member

    Hi Sam,

    Just mounted my new 4 woofer drivers and - WOW! its really my old OM-5:s but as new. And the result is even better then i could imagine.
    Thoose 4 drivers deliver more accuracy, deeper bass and even more relaxed then before. And they were really relaxed and deep and soft and distinct before.
    So the overall impression is improvement of something that was fantastic from the beginning.
    If you ever get problems with your drivers, i can say nothing less then to strongly recommend thoose Daytona drivers.
    You can also feel that they not only go deeper, they are also much more powerful then the original ones and maybe that is one reason why they feel so utterly relaxed.
    Theese are good for 300 watts RMS and 600 watts max, per cabinet.
    Will listen more tomorrow, cause its very late here now :)
  7. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Hi Bjorn,

    I am so so happy for you my friend.
    I was little worried that you may have problems but the results seem to be fantastic wow.

    How did you manage to connect them considering what you have told me about the original drivers impedance and the serial connection??

    the sound seem to be more relaxed but is it precise and articulated???

    I may do just like you.

    please get back to me and give me more information about the sound.

    did Andrew reply to you or not yet .??

    Anyway congratulations my friend.

    Talk to you soon.

  8. Braincooler

    Braincooler New Member

    Hi Sam,
    After some days of listening, i can confirm that this replacement to DCS205-4 8" is a total success.
    When you compare all important Thiele parametes, you see that they look very compatible with the original ones.
    And when you compare all important dimensions, they are identical and the only difference is the impedance and the 3 connectors, but the 3:rd one is just for ground and the Daytona drivers does not require this connector.
    So when i received them, i just had to connect them in serial and thats ofcourse very simple to do.
    Maybe other OM-5 owners, has overlooked this possibility, because of that impedance difference and the fact that they dont know what this 3:rd connector stands for?

    I think that the original ones are sligthly under dimensioned and that its very good to replace them with more powerful ones.
    Now its theoreticaly possible to run the woofers with 300W RMS(continously) and given that the amp is on 250W - Its more safe then before, to really raise the volume, if you can and want :)

    I have been listening to all my reference tunes including Classical masterpieces like Paganini, Grieg, Samuel Barber.
    RnB like Drake, Erykah Badu and MAsego etc. Jazz like Diana Krall, Clifford Brown and Miles Davis etc.
    And the overall result is that the Highs and mids are as before(ofcourse) and the bass is even more alert and distinct and goes even more deep.
    When i close my eyes and put on some power from my Linn amplifiers, its easy to forget that i am not in a concert hall or at a jazz club listening to a live perfomance.
    I am so content and happy with this solution.

    Maybe i should ask the moderator to put this thread in another part of this forum? But i dont know if there are any other users of OM-5 that has broken woofer drivers unsolved?

    No, Andrew Walker, did not reply to my last message. Maybe he is to busy, or maybe he did not remeber enough to have the ability to support me?

    Now its time for music again

    Bjorn :)
  9. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Hi Bjorn,

    You know it's been more than a year I didn't listen to my Mirage OM5, because I have my M 3 si hooked to my McIntosh amp and before it was the OMD 28. So after I read your message you give me the deep desire to put my om5 speakers and listen to them again.

    I am so glad that you liked your new subwoofers speakers si have fun my friend.

    I think yes we need to ask the moderator to put us somewhere else because he send to me a message at the beginning of our discussion about Mirage and this is not mirage web site, so lets talk to him about it.

    please keep in touch and have a fun as much as you can.

  10. Braincooler

    Braincooler New Member

    Hi Sam,
    Yes the OM-5:s is still a keeper, they sound and work even better then before.
    They go slightly deeper and with more effortlessness.
    Look at this mail i recently got from Andrew Welker:
    Hi Bjorn, Excellent work on finding the Dayton woofer and getting your OM5s up and running again! I will share that information if anyone contacts me looking for woofer replacement suggestions in the future.
    Thanks, Andrew

    Andrew seems to be a very nice man and to still support hes old excellent OM-5
    Ok, so you think we have to stop this dialogue in this forum?
    Where to go?

    Best Regards
  11. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Hi Bjorn

    i an happy thst Andrew email toi Back about your on 5 drivers. but i am surprised because he didn't know about it.
    I was expected that he will take the initiative to informing you about the drivers as he was the designer of this wonderful speakers. Anyway what is important now is that your om 5 is running again and I hope you will enjoyed even more then ever.

    I want to know something from you, does your om 5 have a wood plate that came with the speakers? I don't know if you know what I am talking about, this wood plate is the base that your speakers should be put on them. is it the case or not?
    there is many Mirage speakers forums but we can continue here until someone from The admins will stop us talking only about our Mirage speakers lol.

    you know I am very happy to know you and I wish you a Merry Christmas and very happy new year 2019. also a lot of joy and HD music with your OM 5.

    please keep in touch.

    Thank you again Bjorn.


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