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Discussion in 'Jolida Audio' started by JRSBat, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. JRSBat

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    I talked to Jolida staff a couple times over the past week. I was asking about various amp replacement options and/or upgrades. My new Focal Electra speakers are highlighting every little deficiency in my system. I was looking for more clarity at higher volumes - not SS clarity just a cleaner sound. I didn't know how to tweak tube amps other than tube rolling. NOTE - I listen almost exclusively to LPs so the conversations centered around my analog chain.

    The staff said they preferred to help me maximize my current amp's sound quality instead of trying to sell me a new amp. They said I should not have to buy a more expensive amp to get a clearer sound. They have run their amps with the volume knob at 4 and 5 o'clock without distortion. They said the amp's circuit is so simple it should be able to retain clarity almost to the highest volume level.

    They gave me two suggestions:
    1. Drop the bias to between 450 and 500mv. I would get a leaner, maybe clearer sound than the current 500mv setting.
    2. Lower the gain setting on my phono preamp. I had set the phono preamp at its highest setting - 66 - because my cartridge has a low output. My phono preamp/separate power source cost almost 3x what my Jolida amp cost. I had thought I would get the best result using the preamp's highest gain setting and keeping the much less expensive tube amp at a lower volume setting. The Jolida staff suggested I reverse that thinking.
    I played around with the bias and settled on 480mv. It did not make a huge difference but it helped. Then I dropped the phono preamp gain from 66 to 60. WOW!

    I am getting the cleanest, broadest, best sound ever from my system! I have to set the volume level to around 3 o'clock to get what I used to get at the 1 o'clock but there is no distortion. The Jolida staff was right - I can turn the Jolida's volume knob nearly all the way without distortion. The Focals like the extra power - they have opened up even more than before. I am hearing details I never heard before - and they are very clean, open and airy.

    The staff also told me I could send the unit back for some modifications that would improve the sound even more. I might do that but for now I am really enjoying the new, clearer sound - which I was able to achieve without spending a dime!

    Jolida is coming out with new products - one of which is a headphone amp. I am really looking forward to checking out that amp. If it is in the price range of the Mapletree amps I will give it a lot of consideration.
  2. JRSBat

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    Funny item happened while making the amp changes. About halfway through the first song playing at the new, higher sound levels the left speaker started to emit very loud buzzing that turned into full fledged speaker distortion. I was going nuts - thinking I just blew the very expensive Focal beryllium tweeter. The amp must have been clipping and ruined it! I muted the amp started checking things out.

    Then I saw the Audio Technica AT6006 Safety Raiser mounted on my turntable. I forgot to reset it after the last LP. The tonearm was stuck on the raised lift. I fixed the problem, started breathing again, and sat back to enjoy a few albums. I had a lot of things I needed to do but I could not pull myself away from the system for another hour or so.
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    I once made a cable change on the back of my amplifier. Got done and the left channel was dead. Talk about panic. Spent the next 2 hours switching and checking, but nothing worked. Finally pulled everything out from the wall and found the small "balanced/ unbalanced" switch had been bumped while changing the cables. Switched it back, and good to go. Sounds like we have the potential here for a new thread on I STARTED TO FLIP OUT.
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    Yeah - my other confusing moment was when the turntable was not producing sound. I dropped the needle - no sound. I checked all of the wiring, equipment, everything. Then I noticed the platter was not spinning. :rolleyes:

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