KT 88's or 6L6's or EL34's

Discussion in 'Tube Rolling' started by Lewis Smith, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Guest

    In this New Musical Paradise MP301 I have used EH KT88's and TS el34's and the Stock 6L6's and I must admit I like the 6L6's the Best. It has a wonderful sound. Now it's on to finding some NOS 6L6's looking at some Telefunkin Tubes! The fun of tube rolling :)
  2. A. Smith

    A. Smith Well-Known Member

    Yeah it's nice when you find a combo you like.
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  3. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Guest

    Been looking at 6L6 tubes and a lot of guitar amps use them and people like them for their sound.
  4. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Guest

    Just went from stock 6L6's to the EH KT88's and It's a totally different sound and had to turn the volume down some.
  5. Morrow Audio

    Morrow Audio Mike Morrow Staff Member

    kT88's produce more power and have a more forward sound. That is why the volume levels are different.
  6. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Guest

    KT88 tubes bumps me up to about 10 watts compared to the 6.5 watts with the 6L6 tubes.
  7. Francis

    Francis Active Member

    The nice thing about this MP301 is you have larger variety option (EL34/KT88/KT66/6L6 etc) on tube rolling all in one package. This guy was once on my list. After all the discussion with Garry, who design the MP amps, I was sold to have the big brother MP501 , which uses KT120 /KT150. Not as much option for tube rolling though.
    The dynamic is phenomenal especially when playing symphony.
    I have my MP501 comes in as demo, with RCA NOS 6SJ7 for signal.

    For MP301, being SET 6.5wpc (10wpc for KT88) it's recommended to have speaker sensitivity of at least 90db. My speaker just touch this minimum, which is still be able to drive. Driving with the pair of Omen would not be a problem.

    I might pick up one of the MP301 some day just because it's reasonably priced.

    People also discuss about tube rolling 807 (with 6L6 adapter) with good comments
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