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  1. Are there any FOCUS owners out here? I've been a customer of Legacy audio for nearly 17 years. I started with the model with Kevlar midbass drivers and three 12" woofers (one on the back) in rosewood. Absolutely loved them, so I bought the matching Point One sub, Silverscreen III center, and three MIsT bipole surrounds.

    After I had owned the FOCUS for ten years, I was talking to Doug Brown at Legacy Audio about a problem I was having downloading a PDF of their latest catalog. During the conversation, he suggested that I have him ship out the new 25th anniversary "Silver Edition" FOCUS for me to audition in my home. He said that if I was not impressed, I'd just have to pay return shipping (about $300) to send them back. Otherwise, I'd send him my ten-year-old pair and he'd work out some kind of trade-in allowance.


    Needless to say, the new FOCUS SE sounded rather dramatically better than my old ones. Bass extended lower and hit harder even with one fewer 12" woofer. The new model excelled at micro dynamics in a way that the original model could only dream about. After a few weeks, I strapped the original model to a pallet and off to Springfield, IL they went.

    Fast-forward four years later, I took a job in California, which meant leaving the big basement media room in Georgia for much smaller (and more expensive) digs. I was nervous about our movers packing up and transporting my Legacy Audio gear, so I called Doug Brown again. He graciously allowed me to ship the entire 6.1 Legacy Audio system to Springfield for storage until we got settled on the left coast.

    While he had them there, I asked him to upgrade the ribbon tweeters to the new AirMotion model. That upgrade would require a new crossover but by this time, Bill had specified new midbass drivers for the FOCUS SE, so those had to be upgraded as well to be compatible with the crossover. This meant that the entire top half of the loudspeakers plus the crossovers had to be replaced. This work included re-routing the front baffle to accommodate the very different shape of the AirMotion tweeters.

    A few months later, we finally worked out where we'd be living...and it was way too small to accommodate seven Legacy Audio loudspeakers. I decided that I really just needed the FOCUS SEs and a matching rosewood Silverscreen HD center.


    The FOCUS SEs with matching Silverscreen HD center made a great 3.0 system for our first year in California; however, after that, we had an opportunity to purchase our own little piece of California dirt. While very much smaller than our old place in Georgia, the new place afforded the opportunity to co-opt what was the formal living room as a small home theater while the 4th-floor loft could be transformed into a dedicated 2-channel listening room.

    To transform the living room into a theater required going with on-wall loudspeakers (from GoldenEar Technologies), which meant that the beautiful Legacy Silverscreen Center had to find a new home. The dedicated listening space in the 15.5ft x 10.1ft loft is wonderful, but the big FOCUS SEs really want a much larger room. To compensate for the room's smaller dimensions, I added room treatments from ATS Acoustics and applied digital room correction from AudioVero. The result is one of the most revealing rooms I've ever had the pleasure of listening to...and certainly the best sounding system I've owned in the ~30 years that I've been involved with this hobby.


    As I mentioned in my introduction, if you're ever in the San Jose, CA area, don't hesitate to ping me. It would be fun to meet a few other Morrow customers and enjoy a drink and some music in the Loft. Of course, even if you're not in the area, if you own some version of Legacy Audio FOCUS loudspeakers, I hope you'll share your story and post a photo or two in this thread. Cheers and happy listening!

    -- David
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    Nice system! I feel that the Focus SE is the best bang for the buck in their line.
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    So where in Georgia did you live? Prices of California real estate are just too crazy for me. Very nice set up.
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  4. Hi Ernie,

    I lived in the Alpharetta/Roswell area for twenty-two years but received a job offer out here in Silicon Valley just as my kids were ready to leave the nest, so that seemed like a good time for a big move. Real estate out here is definitely crazy, but we were fortunate to find a place that works for us without having to have a monster commute or mortgage that we can't afford. In fact, it's only a hundred or so dollars more than the apartment that we rented during our first year here.

    The finished parts of the house we sold in Alpharetta were about 5,200 sq. ft. while our new place is only 1,981 sq. ft. Needless to say, we had a lot of purging to do befoe we could make the move! In spite of being a lot smaller, the new place did afford the opportunity for me to build a dedicated two-channel listening room and a separate, mostly dedicated home theater. If you'd like to read more about the home theater, the SVS guys interviewed me and posted a write-up here: https://www.svsound.com/blogs/featured-systems/74745795-david-in-california
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    We live down on Lake Jackson, just south of Covington. Got a wall of glass looking down the lake. Heaven to me, and quite cheap for waterfront.
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  6. Looks like beautiful country (from Google Earth). Congrats on finding a nice place to land. Very happy for you. :)

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