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Discussion in 'My breakin questions, experience or advice' started by kad56, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. kad56

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    I just recently purchased this cable used, I can say right off the bat I can hear the finer nuances that were slightly veiled before. Initially they sounded crisp, then just a few minutes later they became slightly dull and muted in the midrange. I have read about the roller coaster ride and that's definitely true.

    I let the CD player go for about 25 hours and what I have found is that the vocals sound almost within a very narrow range of frequency and about 2-3 feet behind the speaker. Almost like I have a 2" diameter full-range speaker as a center channel (in a 2ch setup) producing the vocals, very little dynamics and midrange.

    My question is basically what's the time frame for a used cable as opposed to new for a break in period? I can tell that the details are more evident but the midrange and overall dynamics are all over the place. Soundstage is wider and very detailed. Overall I'm happy but just sharing my results.

    I have the MA3 at both the CD to pre and pre to amp, both cables are used.
  2. Basil H

    Basil H Well-Known Member

    Having purchased 2 pairs of MA2's used within 3 months of each other to use in the same configuration I'm not sure there's an easy answer to this...I used the 1st pair between pre-amp and power amp and also noticed an unevenness in the sound (your description is apt) for about 30 hours or so...since then they seem to have settled in beautifully and I have not noticed a difference...on the other hand the 2nd pair used between my cd and pre-amp seemed right within 15-20 hrs of listening...perhaps they were "more used"?...I do know that morrow suggest that even when swapping existing morrow cables out they need time to settle in again with individual equipment...I suppose it's not an exact science...
    I will be looking to purchase used MA3's to upgrade the MA'2s soon so I will be expecting a bit of a ride
  3. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    I have purchased used Morrow cables. They do need time to settle in again after being placed with new equipment. I do not know why, but I do know it is true. Plan on about 100 hours. That is what I noticed.
  4. Morrow Audio

    Morrow Audio Mike Morrow Staff Member

    We never know how many hours are on cables that are purchased off the used cable page. Also... if someone already bought them, the buyer will receive a new pair. Sometimes we do not have the time to update the page! We figured this to be a fair option instead of calling the buyer and telling them that the used cable they ordered is not available and already sold.
  5. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    That is so true. That happened to me once............but Mike was kind enough to give me some burn in time. Hope I didn't let out any secrets.LOL!

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