MAP2 with Rogue Audio Sphinx Integrated

Discussion in 'Compatible Equipment' started by LeRoy, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. LeRoy

    LeRoy Member

    I am considering a swap of my Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum for a Rogue Audio Sphinx and now have the Sphinx in for a one week review session. When I got home with the Sphinx last night I got it hooked up right away and placed the WW Aurora 5 p.c. on the Sphinx. Also, the config was finished off with Onkyo C-7030 CDP, System Audio Aura 1's, Signal Cable Ultra Speaker cables, and Analysis Plus Oval One I.C.'s.

    After a couple of hours of letting the system warm up I dropped in to give a listen and the whole thing just sounded dreadful. I felt I had set audio back 35 years as the SQ reminded me of cheap receivers hooked up to KLH speakers. Yuk! So, I pulled the WW off and placed the MAP2 (which was still on the Naim unit) and then the system became immediately listenable. Now, the MAP2 alone did not solve all the system configuration shortcomings but it was enough to get me to listen and take notice of the Sphinx. Additionally, today I replaced the Signal Cable speaker wire with another set of BMA speaker wire and now I'm enjoying the music quite a bit.

    Without the the MAP2 in house I would not have discovered what the Sphinx is capable of.
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  2. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    It sure is interesting what a well designed power cord can do. I don't own any MAP's, but I do have other cords that are very similar in design and construction. When swapping out the stock cords to the better quality cords, there was a dramatic improvement in sound quality. I know the MAP's are capable of this by their design and build quality. Great to hear you are in the Morrow VORTEX!!!
  3. LeRoy

    LeRoy Member

    Hi Ernie, yes, the vortex has it's charms. It was an amazing feat the MAP2 was able to do for the SQ of the initial Sphinx config. Thus far I can't remark that
    I have not noticed any SQ changes or influence from the MAP2 after the initial 72 hours or so of break in but what I have right now in SQ from the MAP2
    is steady and consistent presentation that is warm and mellow and detailed but not thickly warm to sluggish.

    Last night I placed the Stello DAC into the system with the Onkyo as a transport via Darwin Coax to Stello and Darwin IC's from Stello to Sphinx (taking the Oval One's out of the mix altogether).
    This combination allowed me to hear my System Audio Aura 1's like when I first heard them in the audio shop 3 years ago.
    I was wondering if I was ever going to get that same SQ from the SA's and now I got it.
    Morrow MAP2 unleashed the Rogue for me to get to this point.
  4. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    I have found each jump in level brings a bit more detail and opening of the soundstage in my system. If you have read the tweaks forum, consider the Acme outlets and taping the power cord IEC ends for a tighter fit. Also, the Teflon wrap on the prongs, then pushed down gave good results to many on here. Enjoy!!!!
  5. LeRoy

    LeRoy Member

    Looks like the Rogue swap is going to happen. Just waiting for the all clear from the other side. Just a few moments ago I went ahead and removed the Darwin I.C's from the Stello
    and placed the MA1's into play-- Stello DAC to Sphinx--- Listening to Jan Garberek /Dansere. Later this evening I am going to use the pre-out from the Sphinx and connect up to the Rotel and hope
    I don't blow anything up.
  6. LeRoy

    LeRoy Member

    Hello All, been away for a while...just a mini update....The Rogue swap is official and just placed an order for Siemens AU7's and Cifte AU7's to replace the stock tubes.
    With regard to any changes in my ears both the Map2 and MA1's made significant audible changes to improving tone, inner detail retrieval, and soundstage
    without sounding harsh, bright, or dull in any way....however I must note that to the best of my interpretation the Map2 and MA1's settled in after the first 4-5 days of
    being put into play. I can't discern any ups/downs in SQ and enjoy them as is.

    I admit to not counting the hours of break after day 5 so I suppose my Morrow products are now seasoned. To better gauge the influence of Morrow cables
    on an audio rig, just a few min ago, I simplified my set up to this...Onkyo CDP w/Map 1's to Rouge Sphinx with Map2. The Onkyo does not have a detachable power cord.
    Speaker wire remains Blue Marble Audio and speakers are System-Audio Aura 1's. Will give it a week's worth of listening to get a handle on the new config.

  7. Bonz

    Bonz Well-Known Member

    Good to hear from you again. Thought you got lost:) glad to hear the Morrow's are working to your expectations !
  8. LeRoy

    LeRoy Member

    Thanks Bonz. I got caught up in the work vortex the last few weeks. Almost at the finish line and should be back to form in a week.

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