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  1. Hi my current set up is a Marantz cd17 ki sig and Marantz pm17 ki sig runnig a pair of Castle Richmond 7i speakers.

    I have had this set up for over ten years and despite all the new hifi out there i have yet to come across a better sounding system. I have spoken to many hifi retailers and compared my kit to the likes of Cyrus, Naim, Roksan etc.
    In the experts oponion and mine, not one system on a price comparable to mine (£4000) could beat my system for overall sound.
    They all said that to get a better sound than my current set up i would have to spend twice as much.
    It's nice to know that after all these years my system can still hold it own compared to all the new kit on offer today.
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  2. Ernie Adams

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    You will be amazed at what some quality vintage gear can do. I think that is why some old Audio Research gear is so expensive. I sold an SP3A pre amp several years ago........stupidest thing I ever did.

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