Nagaoka mp-200

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Bonz, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Bonz

    Bonz Well-Known Member

    I wish you the best with that one. A little rich for my blood ;)
  2. Catcher10

    Catcher10 Active Member

    .....I hope!!
  3. Geoff777

    Geoff777 New Member

    I currently have a Nagaoka MP200 after a long line of evolution.
    Like Bonz I moved from the Ortofon 2M Blue
    I found the same improvements too!
    Previously, without naming every Deck, arm and Cartridge before, I had an Ortofon MC25FL which
    I had loved. I have recorded about the last 6 Cartridges when new but fully run in with the same music..
    So under the same conditions (ie a CD recording) I can make an even comparison.
    I dropped down from the MC25 FL to a 2M Blue due to financial constraints - plus the amount I was using the Record deck was a bit less.
    With the MP200 I have come back up and feel it betters the MC25 in almost all areas.
    I have to admit, however, the MC25 FL was on the Gyrodec with an RB300 and now the MP200 is on the Gyro but with a Techno arm with
    a little Blue Tack to assist with mass... So possibly the MC25 FL might at least match the MP200 overall.
    High praise I feel for a Magnetic level pick up (Moving Permaloy!)
    I am hesitant to change anything now! Firstly I considered the MP300 I have listened to lots of Needle drops and feel the 300 is a little lighter and brighter
    The Gyrodec/Techno arm set up is on the lean & Bright side as it is so the MP200 is perfect for it.
    I don't enjoy seeing that Purple Monster colour! it looks a bit out of place - an MP300 would blend in better.
    I am seriously considering getting an MP300 Stylus and actually hand painting the MP200 body Matt Black!!
    (Possibly a bad idea haha!)

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