New PH6 cables have arrived!

Discussion in 'Morrow Phono Cables' started by ssmith3046, May 31, 2015.

  1. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 New Member

    Well, it took a while. After all, all cables are hand made and then with the five day break in it did take a few weeks but the wait was well worth it. It's funny but I thought I had PH4 cables but when I unplugged the cables I discovered that I had PH3 cables. I've been using them for quite a while and forgot what I had! I've been more than happy with the 3's but the PH6's are in a league of there own. Details are heard in the music that I had not heard before. Soundstage and depth have increased dramatically. Amazing cables. The first album I played was Analogue Productions 200g Norah Jones reissue of Not Too Late and yes, she is in the room with you. I know it's an old corny description, but it's true. Next was AP's 45 rpm reissue 0f L.A. Woman and once again I was just floored. I'll playing more records today as the break in process continues.
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  2. A. Smith

    A. Smith Well-Known Member

    And happiness ensues.

  3. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 New Member

    Yes it does. I also use SP4 bi-wired speaker cables and love them too. Just for grins and giggles I hooked up my old PH3 cables to my Marantz SACD player and lo and behold if they don't sound great.
  4. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Guest

    This just makes me want a TT even more now after selling mine at least I still have my PH2's laying around so when I do get back into vinyl I will not be totally lost.. Enjoy the Ph6's and keep us posted..
  5. Catcher10

    Catcher10 Active Member

    PH6 cables are insane....Love mine!
  6. Rich Seitz

    Rich Seitz Member

    Hey guys! Just plugged my PH6's in! Sound incredible right now! Only did the free 2 day break-in but so far so good! As always I'm impressed and look forward to them getting better and better. And as soon as UPS get's here I'll have an Ortofon 2M bronze to use. That'll have to break in too. I might not be leaving the house for a few days!
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  7. Basil H

    Basil H Well-Known Member

    I have to agree...the PH6's are fantastic...although I had the Ortofon 2M blue when I got them and have since moved up to the 2M black, the improvement has been obvious at every step up...damn this upgraditis!
  8. Catcher10

    Catcher10 Active Member

    For me the best cable upgrade I have done......
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  9. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    I'm at 7's in most of my system, where it counts. Not much left.........and don't say Elite's. I want to stay married to my wife!!!
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  10. Ed Morris

    Ed Morris Member

    I have the 6s in my VPI in the small system.
  11. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    And do you like them? Comparing to others what improved?
  12. Ed Morris

    Ed Morris Member

    The PH6 gave the sound more micro dynamics and detail. It was quieter than the Audioquest cable and because of the improved details, added leading edge pace. Trebles were more extended and the bass was more defined.

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