New SP7 Biwire config owner...a question?

Discussion in 'Morrow Speaker Cables and Jumpers' started by Gaz, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. Gaz

    Gaz New Member

    A happy hello from Scotland in the United Kingdom.
    A happy Ma5 and DIG4 digital owner here, recently decided I needed Morrow speaker cables i my life. :)
    Ordered a Biwire set of SP7s with 4 spades at speaker end, 2 spades at amp end.

    Took up Mikes 10 day burnin service, so approx 240Hrs on the wires already, and from experience of my MA5 and DIG4...the (infamous) Morrow burnin is a real thing, and has been accurate time wise.

    A question ?

    RE: the biwires construction, the SP7 has 120 runs of SSI?
    At the speaker end its split into 4 runs for the speaker terminals, is this 4 x 30 runs or 4 x 120 runs?
    (suspect 30?)

    Also, the Morrow literature specifies at the 4 core speaker end which speaker terminal (LF pos/neg and HF pos neg) each of the 4 colored cores attaches to.

    Are the 4 cable cores at the speaker end divided up equally?
    Just wonder if one pair has more cores than the other (red/black vs blue white) and therefore might be better suited to the bass driver terminals which draw more current than the tweeter.
    I'm a lifelong audiophile tweaker and look for these things to (perhaps) improve things! :)
    Suspect though the cable construction is 4 x 30 (of the 120) and if so...I'll rest easy.

    By the way,
    My previous cable was a British high end cable Tellerium Q Ultra Black which retails at £343 per meter.
    With 200-odd hours the SP7 sounded way WAY better and I know it will improve significantly more.

    Thanks Mike,
    Long term customer (past and future) here from the UK.
    Also own a PS Audio Directstream Dac and they are another Company who are Customer first...and you guys will always get my Business.
  2. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    You may want to email Mike directly on this. Might get a quicker response.

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