PH1 for Ortofon 2M Carts?

Discussion in 'Morrow Phono Cables' started by Church, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Church

    Church New Member

    I'm looking at the PH1 to use on my TT. The table will change next year but I am most likely staying put with the 2M series MM carts.

    I know that capacitance affects the sound so I wondered if the PH1 would be a good cable. I have been using the BJC LC-1 which is hilariously low in capacitance.

  2. Morrow Audio

    Morrow Audio Mike Morrow Staff Member

    The PH1 will be an excellent fit for your cartridge and equipment. Enjoy!
  3. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    I started with the level 1cables. If your budget will allow, I suggest going as high as you can up front. Trust me, once you hear the PH1, you will want to go higher. You might want to see what Mike could do on a used cable. All of this is IMHO, but from experience. Good luck.
  4. Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Well-Known Member

    I have the PH2s on my old dual 1219 with a Grado Red and like that combination.

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