PH4 and MA4s arrive today! break in?

Discussion in 'My breakin questions, experience or advice' started by MCGUY, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. MCGUY

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    The PH4s will have a 2 day breakin from Morrow already done, nothing on the MA4s yet.

    Question, assuming I can find a CD player and a CD in my house - iffy at best - do I just hook up the CD player to my preamp and set it on random play and let it go for a week or two? I even need to have the volume on at all? Or is it just the signal from CD player that does the "work"?
  2. Lewis Smith

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    Welcome to the forum! It has been so long since I had to break in a Morrow cable but when I did I had a cheap system in the shop and any white noise from a old radio or I have a CD that gets stuck and will play for days. You do not need volume just the signal to break in a Morrow cable. Enjoy the ride as you will come home and turn on your system and say that sucks and then one day it will sound great. And sorry for the delayed response just not many people on the forum now days.
  3. Kevin D

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  4. Ernie Adams

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    Welcome. All above are true. I did a CDPlayer on random repeat, with the volume turned down. Took about a week to get where I wanted.

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