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Discussion in 'Rock' started by Kevin D, Feb 4, 2018.

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    Well, Pink Floyd, in conjunction with Warner, have clearly decided to release as much material as possible in as many ways as possible in order to part us from our money. Putting aside the increasing resentment that may grow about that, it did cross my mind there are some potential releases that might actually be worthwhile. Here are some ideas in, roughly, chronological order:

    Meddle (1971):

    - Official release versions of the 2016 (finished!) mixes at a sensible price.
    - STEREO version of the Paris Theatre gig in 1971 (Early Years release is only in mono).

    On the latter, I have a bootleg that is in genuine stereo (not a fake reprocessed stereo effect) and it's a much more enjoyable listen compared to the official mono release.

    Animals (1977):

    A remix of the album, possibly including the Snowy White solo at the beginning of "Pigs On The Wing, Part 2" and with production that allows the music to "breathe". To my ears, the production on the official releases of Animals always sounds as if they lack a bit of life. By way of comparison, listen to the album versions of "Pigs On The Wing" and then listen to the 8-track combined version (i.e. Parts 1 & 2) with the Snowy White solo. The latter sound much more airy. If there are any official live recordings, it would be good to hear one of those from the '77 tour. A few years ago, Nick Mason was reported as saying the possibility of a remixed Animals had been mentioned but nothing was scheduled.

    The Wall (1979):

    I find this one of the most frustrating albums to listen to. There are so many different versions with different elements to so many songs. It'll never happen but I'd love to hear a single album with nearly all of the additional material released on film and in subsequent live performances. There is so much that could be done with this album. I'm sure that, eventually, there will be a surround sound version (should have been in the Immersion box set) but it will still be missing some of the material released elsewhere.

    Delicate Sound Of Thunder (1988):

    A complete version, at least of the audio. There is an unofficial version that contains every song performed on the '86-'88 tour (including "Echoes") but it would be nice to have it all properly mixed and produced. Unfortunately, unless David Gilmour has a change of heart, this is unlikely to happen.

    I did think of giving a mention to a slightly different version of The Dark Side Of The Moon, taking elements from the unofficial "Power Of The Dark Side", itself a composite from officially released material, but there's no way Floyd will ever significantly change the original. Also worth a mention is another unofficial release combining the all of the songs from The Division Bell and The Endless River. It definitely makes the latter an easier listen, with it sounding less "bits and pieces". Again, no chance of an official Floyd release.

    Although some Floyd material has been released in what is stated as high-res, the reality is that much of it isn't high-res at all. With that in mind, I'd just be happy with CD "red book" quality.

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