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  1. What albums would you suggest to start building a classical music library?
  2. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    Cruise your local GoodWill and Thrift Stores. Classical albums show up a lot at those stores. Many times they are in excellent condition.
  3. Bonz

    Bonz Well-Known Member

    You can't go wrong with Holst The planets. That's about it for me:)
  4. Good ideas guys...
  5. Stanley Green

    Stanley Green New Member

    I've heard Four Seasons ad nausium....however, the new Anna Akiko Meyers version is absolutely wonderful....will bring tears to your eyes (well, mine anyway)
  6. welcome Stanley never heard of it... novice here...
  7. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    If you were in the Conyers, GA area yesterday, you would have hit the Classical mother lode at a GoodWill store. Dozens of high quality looking classical records. I am not into that music, so passed.
  8. Yep looking to pick-up a few to start my classical collection but aside from Bonz, you and a new guy there hasn't been too many responses to my thread...
    I guess if you are near Atlanta you must be a Braves fan should be another interesting baseball season what the heck you got a Mets fan here...
  9. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    Originally from you know who I like. My father was a Red Sox fan for years. They didn't win the World Series until a year after he passed away.
  10. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    We actually went into 3 GoodWill stores yesterday. Every one of them had Classical stuff. Nothing in equipment worth doing though. That is getting much harder and rarer to find.
  11. Yep I guess I know who you root for but heck even I am Red Sox fan here. Born and raised in Queens so I naturally hate the Yankees. It's in my DNA...
  12. Stanley Green told me about the Four Seasons remake by Anna Akiko Meyers...
  13. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    I understand that completely. Still, to this day can't get over Jim Bugner's error in that World Series. At the time I said "well they just blew it and will lose the series".
  14. Ya mean Bill Buckner?
  15. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member bad a play, I can't even think of the guys name. I played first base in school and that was about as bad as it could get.
  16. Ed Morris

    Ed Morris Member

    Okay, this could be a long list.

    Are we talking vinyl or CD? Do you like orchestra or choral? Early music or contemporary?

    Give me some likes and parameters and I will make some suggestions.
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  17. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    I discovered Patrick O'Hearn recently. So far have like everything I have bought. Amazing I did not know about this guy since he's been around since the 80's.
  18. Ed Morris

    Ed Morris Member

    Isn't he a new age guy?
  19. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    I would classify him that way. Some people call him electronica. I just really like his stuff. The recordings are also very good.
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  20. Ed Morris

    Ed Morris Member

    I'm going to try by memory to give you a bit of standard repertoire you should try. It will probably take a few posts.

    Symphonies 5, 7, 9
    Piano concerto #5

    The Planets

    Symphonies 5, 6
    1812 overture

    Symphonies 1, 5, 9,
    Piano concertos 1, 2
    Cello concerto 1
    Violin concerto 1

    Ralph Vaughn Williams
    Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis
    The Wasps

    Symphonies 2,3

    Symphonies 4

    Symphonies 2
    Piano concerto 2, 3, Rhapsody on a theme by Paganini

    More to come
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