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Discussion in 'Morrow Phono Cables' started by kad56, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. kad56

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    In my current SL-1200 Mk5 I have removed the factory wiring from the circuit board and installed a 5' run of BJC LC-1 due to it's low capacitance. What I wanted to know if there is a Morrow cable that I could use in this fashion that may yield great results.

    Currently I have the single section of cable from the circuit board to the phono pre, but wanted to possibly try using a short section of cable to a set of RCA connectors in the rear of the TT, then another pair of cables to the phono preamp. I understand this will result in another connection but may also provide a better setup.

    Not sure what cables in the Morrow inventory that I could use, also keeping the exterior dimension down to 1/4" max would be ideal. Currently the LC-1 is just slightly larger than that and is a tight fit.
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    Any in our phono line will yield an improvement. The higher you go in the line, the better the sound. We likewise offer
    a bare wire option on the turntable end for soldering in. this is selected through the drop down box in the cart.
    Phono cables:

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