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    Welcome to the Morrow Audio Community Forum!

    This forum has been created to provide a community for Morrow Audio cable users, as well as for those who are considering them for their setup. Other non-cable categories are also provided for fun and education. In summery, it is a place for our friends to share ideas and help each other achieve the greatest possible realism in their stereo and home theater systems.

    In order to make our community a safe place for all, we reserve the right to restrict, edit content at will or remove a membership and/ or refuse service to anyone we feel necessary for the betterment of the community.

    Posting New Threads or Participating In Existing Threads:

    You must be registered to be able to post new threads, reply or post comments to existing threads. To register, click the orange "Sign Up Now" icon in the upper right portion of the forum home page.

    Instructions for posting a new thread:
    1. Once you are registered, log in through the "Log In" tab at the upper right of your computer screen.
    2. Click one of the main topic titles that you would like to make a new thread under. Let's say you want to post under the Chit Chat section (located under "The Sweet Spot"). Click the Chit Chat main title.
    3. In the upper right side, you will see a "Post New Thread" icon.
    4. That will take you where you create your thread title and initial post, creating the new thread.

    General Rules:
    1. Don’t be insulting to others. Be polite! Love... Peace.
    2. Do not disrespect other members' threads.
    3. 'Spamming' is not allowed and will result in banning.
    4. Post in the most likely and appropriate forum for your topic.
    5. Keep the topics wholesome... no religious, political, racist, pornographic or profane content is allowed.
    6. Do not incite controversies. Remember that opinions vary, each will have an opinion. We must respect each other.
    7. This forum is no place for personal gripes or bad mouthing someone.
    8. Buying and selling of any kind, especially Morrow Audio cables on this forum are not allowed.
    9. You cannot inform other members of Morrow Audio cables for sale in other locations like AudioGon, Ebay, etc. Let people discover that on their own.
    10. You cannot inform other members that you personally have Morrow Audio cables available to sell.
    11. Only one account per user.
    12. No ads or advertising of any kind are allowed on this forum.
    13. Promoting your business is not allowed. You can tell us what you do, but cannot use this forum as a platform to promote your business.
    14. You can't link to a porn site or other offensive material.
    15. Instructions or hints as to how to build your own cables are not allowed.
    16. Design, descriptions or specifications about homemade cables that you made are not allowed.
    17. Any action, comments or references that can harm the cable business of Morrow Audio will not be tolerated.
    18. All applies above likewise to avatars, your name and description, signature, post content, PM's, emails sent to other members vi this forum or to members of this forum, etc.
    Brand Recommendations:
    1. We cannot allow post that recommend other brands of cables, or comments that such and such is a better brand of cable. That is what we do, cables, so this is an obvious rule. Posters can mention other brands, or share what they have, but not in a recommendation tone or suggestion.
    2. Slamming our cables or cable theory will not be tolerated.
    3. As for products other than cables, feel free to talk about and recommend them.
    A Word About the Breakin Forum:
    1. The breakin forum is a place for people to share their experience and ideas on how to properly and quickly break in their cables and equipment. It is a place to help each other.
    2. Breakin Theory Discussion section: This is the place for discussions about the theory of breakin, but only those that are polite, inquisitive and respectful. Flaming post will not be allowed and will be deleted. Audiophiles know that breakin is a real process. Respect each others opinion and viewpoints.

    Thanks for your understanding. I trust that you will benefit greatly from our community forum!

    Mike Morrow,
    Morrow Audio
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