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Discussion in 'Morrow Speaker Cables and Jumpers' started by Church, May 8, 2018.

  1. Church

    Church New Member

    First post, I'm trying to build the best system I can afford with a tiny to nonexistent budget. I have a set of MA3's on the way, which will be my first Morrow cables as well as first REAL cables in my system (which is being redone completely from ground up).

    So, for my next Morrow purchase I am wanting to go with speaker cables, although part of me says to add another set of MA3's (and I'd need 3 sets total - but that's another debate) and get all my interconnects sorted.

    So I am looking for experience from those who went from the SP3 to the SP4 to see how big the jump in sound quality was. I have read on here going up two numbers yields very recognizable results straight away. Coming from a budget plastic integrated amp, either will be a big step up so I know I will not be disappointed, but don't want to be left wondering if going 3 to 4 is the "OMG! upgrade".

  2. Morrow Audio

    Morrow Audio Mike Morrow Staff Member

    Welcome to the Morrow family! The SP4 is our "sweet spot" in the line. I recommend doing the speaker cables before adding another pair of interconnects. That way, every source will enjoy the improvements. It will be a OMG experience!
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  3. Church

    Church New Member

    Thanks Mike, my first set of interconnects is on the way to me. Pretty psyched. Most likely I'll go SP4 although I need 2 more pairs of interconnects too haha. It never ends...
  4. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    Church: Yes, going up 2 levels at a time is the best route. I started with the level 1 special Mike did at the time. I am now at level 7 all the way across my system. Unless I win the Lotto, that's where I will have to stay. Mike's comment about the 4's being the "sweet spot" are dead on. If budget is a concern, try to go to the level 4's. I know you will be happy.
    All the best:
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  5. Scott L

    Scott L Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Ernie, you are spot on on all your comments. The 4's are indeed a good starting point and building from there 2 levels at a time is
    a great way to upgrade. Love that you are getting great results from your cables! Spread the word about Morrow Cables!
  6. Weber

    Weber Active Member

    Well the 4 line is a great starting point. If your wallet can take it go with the ma4 cables instead of the ma3. A system with the 4 line across your system will equal amazing results.

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