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Discussion in 'Morrow Speaker Cables and Jumpers' started by JLewis, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. JLewis

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    First time poster and owner of SP4's, just ordered through the upgrade program, haven't received them yet. I currently run MIT EXP-2.s to LSiM 707's. The 707's are new to me as well they have about 200 hrs on them so far, and seem a little laid back in sound, very full and rich but a bit subdued in the top end. I'm running a Yamaha TSR 7810 to a B&K Ref. 200.5 in a dual HT / 2ch setup. I will be receiving my Emotiva DR2 amp tommorow! Can't wait to see if putting 550 to the 707's will make a marked difference! I'm hoping these SP4s will open them up! Thoughts?
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  2. April

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    Hello JLewis,
    Welcome to the forum we're so happy to have you! The SP4s possesses excellent RFI and noise rejection. I think you'll really be amazed by the change in the sound. I would recommend some interconnects. Maybe the MA2s.
  3. Ernie Adams

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    If you didn't get the break in service on your cables, be prepared for a very interesting ride. I can tell you from experience that the Morrow cables take well over 300 hours to really settle in. One thing you can do is to put a CD on random play and repeat. The volume really doesn't have to be up at all, just play it. Also, when they finally reach that "full burn in point" it can happen literally within a few minutes. I had this happen to me a couple of times. Sitting there, listening to an album and things just start to change and all of a sudden...."holy crap." Others may not have experienced this, but I have. As to the Level 4 cables, they are the sweet spot in the line. If budget is an issue, that is the level to go to. If you have a better budget, then do what I did and get up to the Level 7's. That's my high point based on my budget. Good luck, and welcome to THE VORTEX!
  4. JLewis

    JLewis New Member

    Received the SP4's yesterday! Initial thoughts are they clarified the top end of the LsiM 707's vs the MIT-EXP2's. I didn't get the burn in with my order,thinking maybe I should have...but anyhow. I don't own any burn in specific media.I'm assuming I should just let them play? Normally I don't have the theater surround running while watching regular tv programming I was planning on running it as well as music listening(which I normally do daily for at least an hour or so) for the next week at least. Will this help these cables on their journey? Will this serve the same purpose as a CD or server served audio on repeat or is the dynamics of tv programming not enough?
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  5. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    For the burn in I put a cd on random repeat. You don’t need the volume up. Then I just let it run. I did get the basic burn in on my first cables, so it took about another week of the cd playing to get to full burn in. You are now in the Morrow Vortex.

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