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Discussion in 'Morrow Cables, Other' started by Steve Edwards, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    I am comparing the old highs, to the new highs on my recently recapped speakers, and the new design cables. The highs were just a bit harsh on the old design, after the recap. Now is is a bit softer and not as harsh. I’m betting it’s the copper wire, compared to the silver coated copper wire. The sound is just nicer and easier to listen to. Before the recap, I did not have the harshness. Also, with the new cables and recapped speakers, the system seems to be a lot more recording quality sensitive. Quality recordings are amazing. Less quality recordings are thin sounding to me. That’s it for now.
  2. Weber

    Weber Active Member

    I'm not sure how long ago you recapped you speakers. But when I recapped my DQ 20's it took about 400 hrs for them to settle in. Yes the silverplated copper wire is more revealing. Any rough spots in a system or recording are brought out more. So It sounds like the harshness in your system is being filtered out with the new design cables. Seems like Mike has found away for the new design to do that. You are right about it's the copper wire doing this. I also call it rolling off the real sound of a system. Good luck with those new cables. Seems like they will help you out. Cables are system dependent and Mike should build cables in both versions. That way we all could be happy.
  3. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    Funny thing about capacitor burn in. The guy that did the recap has his own speaker company, Holt Hill Audio. He’s a very small operation, but does some neat things with crossovers. His thoughts were there was no burn in on caps. They settled in within the first few minutes. But after that there was a constant, yet very, very slow change as the capacitors aged. He said you would never notice it unless you had a perfect memory and could go out 5 or more years and then compare to when they first played. I’m on the fence about burn in on caps. Time will tell. All I know is my speakers are now much more recording sensitive than they were before. Also, I got the 10 day burn in on the cables, but even so, at my listening levels, it will take a few weeks to finish the burn in on them.
  4. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    OK, roller coaster now. Yesterday I had everything from harsh, to great, to somewhat thin in the sound. Really weird how it changed by the hour. This morning, much nicer. Much more musical and fuller sounding. I will say though, that I did move the connections around a bit yesterday to experiment. Left them alone after that. Still have just a bit of harshness that I don't like. If it doesn't go away, I will bring up my modded E II's and put the Type C's back in the basement system. They sound incredible in the basement system, but I want them upstairs if I can get them a bit less harsh.

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