Transport & DAC incompatibilities

Discussion in 'CD players, transports and DAC's' started by Waruna, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Waruna

    Waruna New Member

    Hello everyone
    I am quite new to transports and DAC's
    I have been using an Olive 04HD for the last 5 years and grown to ignore / dislike / be bitter about it for many reasons which we can discuss at length. But as the saying goes "If you strap the drum, keep drumming". I am slowly collecting some funds to buy My Ultimate DAC and Transport, Ultimate in a sense that after this investment I am set for a long long time and things may not change for me for some time (or forever) and things will go south as I have to start funding my daughter's education and savings for our future.

    After much discussion and consideration I have narrowed down the DAC to an MSB "The Analog DAC",
    I have not found a compatible transport. I am not quite sure that the transport will be an MSB.

    I am clueless as to DSD, DXD, HDCD but have two SACD albums which I've not had the opportunity of listening to as the Olive cannot play SACD (plays Hybrids).

    Thankful to all who will send in a response (and not confuse me :) ).
  2. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    If you were to get in touch with Emotiva, they can really direct you in products they have. Very high quality for the dollar spent.
  3. Bonz

    Bonz Well-Known Member

    If you are set on the MSB dac I would seriously consider sticking with one of their transports. You would be assured that they would play well together. You would be at the upper most level of digital reproduction. Unless you can swing the dCS line like the Scarlatti or vivaldi. The Vivaldi complete package would set you back about $200,000 a mere bag of shells:)
  4. Waruna

    Waruna New Member

    Dear Ernie and Bonz
    Thanks so much for the inputs. I have always dreamt of a dcS system but have understood that the extra edge is too much of an expense to dispose of.
    Now that I am married and thinking about the future of my 3 year old daughter things are not so magnificent not so dcS'ssy.
    MSB seems to have a great package and something which I may not revise for another 8-10 years. Looking at all options and probably purchase something in an year or so.
    The MSB transport is supposedly based on a Korean made Oppo (which has good reviews). Somehow being trained as architect to look at things very objectively I cant seem to fit in an Oppo engine (which looks like a Pioneer CD player) into a Rolls Royce showroom.

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