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  1. The DMP record label was the first fully digital recording label which featured jazz artists.
  2. Ernie Adams

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    I am wondering myself if SACD's will go the way of Beta.
  3. Bonz

    Bonz Well-Known Member

    Sacd has really been dead for many years now . It's ashame Sony dropped it like a lead ballon. All discs should have been hybrid from the get go . I fel the format would have had a better chance. I was an early adopter and I am glad a few small labels and Analogue Productions are still putting out reissues and original material.
  4. Yep that is why I am interested in buying SACD's for my player before its too late. I received a link to a SACD website that I will be buying from.
  5. Bonz

    Bonz Well-Known Member

    How are the prices? I am hard pressed to spend twenty five plus on sacds
  6. Yep hardware or software tuff choice but I think I am going to stick with getting my MA4's first. And then hope Santa stops by next Christmas...
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  7. Amazon has a limited selection of SACD's at the same price point.
  8. gimeesum

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    some Sacd's i have i paid less than 30 for are now out of print and can go up to 300.oo $
    for aerosmith toys , jeff beck blow by blow..... look it up 150.00$.hey do they still make vinyl?
    some people say vinyls been dead for 20 years? s
    i here what bonz is saying but hybrid or not, most players were set up for either.
    sony expected to much to fast.
    the multi channel discs are the way to go for sacd , i've got some 2 channel ones and am not impressed!
    but the SHM pressings i have yet to hear?:confused:
  9. would have made an excellent investment on those re-issues... Yep vinyl seems to be on a resurgence as evident by many members on this site...
  10. swamp shark

    swamp shark Active Member

    I was blown away by SACD quality over CD first time I listened. Pink Floyd's Dark side of the moon and Wish you were here are unbelievable in 5.1,and must haves along with Clapton's 461 Ocean Blvd and Bowies Ziggy Stardust. On DVD Audio the best of REM in time is another favorite and Roy Orbison's Black and White Night Blu Ray is spectacular. Ebay is a great source ,and Acoustic Sounds has a great catalog of vinyl and SACD's too. I wish all recordings were available in multi channel SACD and morn the slow passing of all high quality physical media.
  11. Mark

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    Have the Clapton 74/75 box, other high res favs, Elvis Stereo 57 SACD, anything mixed by Steven Wilson(YES, King Crimson,ELP), Pink Floyd DarkSide and Wish You Were Here, also like The Stones from HD Tracks. I like their downloads!
  12. Digital music has so much potential. Sadly, production on most new albums caters to iPod-style earbud listeners who demand limited dynamic range and high average playback levels. It's almost always the case that remasters of older recordings are highly compressed compared to the original releases. This is frustrating to those of us who enjoy high-performance playback since we work so hard to build systems that are capable of delivering lifelike dynamics. Sadly, we represent a tiny minority within the vast music consuming universe that generally does not share our values.

    Like the title of this thread suggests, high-quality digital recordings that have not been ruined by compression are "very far and few in-between." Archival recordings of master tapes from the days before Pro Tools and iPods are the source of many great digital rereleases. One example is the legendary Kind of Blue, which was freshly archived in 2013. Check this out: Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue Becomes Digital. The results of this work are available from HDtracks in both stereo and mono and belong in your collection even if you're only casually interested in jazz.

    Other digital recordings of important jazz titles are available for a limited time in beautifully packaged XRCD format from elusive disc. If these are still available when you read this, grab 'em while you can!
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