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  1. Catcher10

    Catcher10 Active Member

    Have been window shopping for a new integrated amp...Came to MA to look at Jolida and saw Ypsilon is a new item.....$25,000.00 for an integrated amp WOW!!! Is all I can say...

    What happened to affordable gear? Seems this industry is getting price happy and over supplied, way too many brands all fighting for small amount of business.

    Best I sit on the sidelines and wait for the fire sales.....LOL!!
  2. Ernie Adams

    Ernie Adams Well-Known Member

    Don't forget the NEW 10,000 dollar cables. I sometimes wonder at what point does any of this make sense. I get it for some things, like paying 1800 for a used Pass Labs amp, or even working a deal on level 7's cables........but 25,000 for an integrated amp and 10,000 for cables??????? I was fortunate enough to attend an Atlanta Audio Video Club meeting a few months ago, where I got to hear Focal Grande Utopia's with VAC's best amp and pre-amp, and a 30,000 dollar turntable. This was well over 200,000 in equipment and cables. Did it sound good? YES. Did it sound 50 times better than what I have? HELL NO! A lot of this hobby is how you find equipment and deals out there. How you put things together. And how you try to save money and still come up with something that makes your friends and family say OMG!, THAT SOUNDS AMAZING.
    My next project is going to be working on the crossovers for my speakers. Since I changed out the drivers to Audio Note drivers, I know there is a difference in how the original Snell E II crossover works with the new drivers. The speakers sound amazing, but I am of the opinion if I can get all the specs and sweep curves for my drivers, I can have my local "Crossover Guru" make them sound even better.
  3. Morrow Audio

    Morrow Audio Mike Morrow Staff Member

    I highly recommend our Jolida line as an affordable integrated amp solution.
  4. Catcher10

    Catcher10 Active Member

    ^ Thanks Mike......I do like Jolida, just not sure I want to venture into tube audio as my main amplification. It's on the list though....

    ^^ I'm with you Ernie, I have heard some high end money systems and I never walk away thinking.."man if I only had $100K!!" What I tend to hear is more resolution but really never to the point that its beyond mind blowing. Also most of these systems are geared towards high end digital which is something I am not into. Analog will always be my main source, and what I have now comes close to a $50K analog rig I have heard. I also think synergy is a big factor.....

    When I was auditioning the Rega RX5 that I bought, dealer had them powered by an Ayre int amp of about 80wpc and a $2K price tag, right off the bat I did not like the sound...Muddy, no resolution and way too much bass, but I liked the speakers and with my NAD they sound much more detailed and revealing, bass is tight, clean and with a singular sound.

    Some of these mega systems I think are just put together to show the price tag....

    Anyone heard the Parasound Halo Integrated? It has options I would never use so I feel like I am spending money on nothing...Gets very good reviews...

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